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Birla Cellulose launches Liva with added protection of antimicrobial fibres

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The fabric is designed to kill microbes and offer long-lasting protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi.




The Aditya Birla Group is driven by passion and innovation. Each product developed is carefully designed to suit the evolving customer needs. Today, the demand for products that are antimicrobial in nature is on rise. And as the world embraces the ‘new normal’ and consumers turn to fabric for protection, Birla Cellulose, a part of Grasim Industries, launches ‘Liva with added protection of Antimicrobial fibres’, an antimicrobial variant of the trendsetting fluid fabric — Liva.

Like the other Liva variants, Antimicrobial too, blends functionality with fashion and is made of nature-based and skin-friendly cellulose fibres. It is designed to kill 99% microbes and offer long-lasting protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Weaving fashion with technology

The fabric is developed with an inhouse innovative fibre manufacturing technique, which imparts antimicrobial properties to it. A three-step fortification process ensures that fibres have a bacteriostatic and bactericidal finish which not only kills the bacteria but also resists its growth. The process involves introducing an active antimicrobial agent during the manufacturing process which bonds with the cellulose fibres. This active agent interacts with the cell membrane of the microbe, rupturing it and interrupting its cellular functions and eventually killing it.

The strong covalent bond between the fibre and the active agent imparts durable antimicrobial properties to the fibres which last for up to 50 washes. Even during the subsequent downstream process such as spinning, weaving and garmenting these antimicrobial properties don’t leach out. The nature-based origin of the fabric makes it skin friendly and the antimicrobial properties prevent odour keeping the fabric and the wearer fresh for a longer time. The fibres are tested under stringent ISO 18184 standards and accredited by international labs which makes them safe without compromising on performance or fashion.

The fabric can be used in fashionwear, athleisure, intimate wear, accessories and home-textile applications.


Harnessing the power of Blockchain technology

The use of Blockchain technology in the manufacturing of Antimicrobial from Liva makes the process more interesting. A unique tracer is added to the fibres during the manufacturing process which enables source verification and makes the process trackable and transparent. It further prevents the possibility of dilution or making of counterfeit products. Green Track™, a Blockchain based tool allows the brand to have complete visibility of the upward and downward value chain – from forest to fashion. This further helps in maintaining the authenticity of data.


Innovation at heart

Birla Cellulose has always been a fashion-forward brand with strong focus on research and development. Be it introducing fluid fashion through Liva or making fashion more sustainable through Livaeco, the innovative spirit of Birla Cellulose reflects in its consumer-centric products. And with the launch of Antimicrobial by Liva, the brand has taken its first steps towards making fabric that protects and fashion that cares.


*This article has been published on the Aditya Birla Group website

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