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All you need to know about Soham Acharya’s nature-based collection

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While Imtiaz Ali seeks inspiration when he travels on a train, Monet sought his from flowers around him. The designer in focus, we are speaking about today seeks his from abstract art and everything that catches his eye!

Imagine drawing inspiration from a swamp area and creatively portraying it through a design. Say hello to Soham Acharya – for all things natural.



Speaking of coming-of-age fashion and attempting newer styles and concepts, Soham shows us how it is done with exemplary designs that draw heavy inspiration from the sacred art of Alpona.

From styling clothes since he was a child to mixing and matching pieces for different attires, the designer came up with numerous concepts and worked on them diligently all along. Playfully engaging in varied forms of art and nature, Acharya’s inspiration scaled magnanimously with time. As he gradually evolved and his peer groups appreciated his concepts, a label called “Alpona Designs” was formed.




Soham’s designs are a vibrant extension of his core personality: his collections frequently feature a variety of motifs and patterns inspired by natural habitats. What is the primary inspiration behind these unique designs, we wondered. “I try to extract beauty from everything and anything,” says Acharya. “Every object has its own beauty when you observe it closely; so, every inspiration is primary to me,” he adds.

So, we asked the designer about how he derives patterns from something that a large section of the population would ordinarily find grotesque, and he shared his thought process with us: “When you see a swamp area in a rainforest, you hear singing crickets; you see little wildflowers near the lake; the hide and seek or the natural interplay of sunlight through the greens. It all looks mesmerizing.  But, when a grasshopper sits on that frame, it gives a perfect combination of beauty and the beast, which I find immensely enigmatic.”

Surface pattern developed by Soham Acharya via Instagram




Intrigued? We were, too! So, we got the creative designer to indulge in a quick round of rapid-fire with us. Read on, to know what he had to say.


What are the top 3 focus areas when you design? You go-to tricks, if we may ask!
Soham Acharya: Extracting beauty from the unusual; playing with colors and contrasts.

Name 3 designers or artists whose work you admire?
Soham Acharya: Versace, Alexander McQueen, and Mary Katrantzou

Describe your style in 3 words.
Soham Acharya: Abstract is natural.

What type of fabrics do you most enjoy working with?
Soham Acharya: Natural, organic fabrics.

A piece of advice for aspiring designers?
Soham Acharya: Don’t follow any designer, trend, or forecast. Just follow your instinct.

Tell us about your experience working with LIVA fabric. What stood out for you?
Soham Acharya: I really enjoyed working with LIVA fabric. It’s not only eco-friendly but also has a beautiful natural shine to it. The fluidity of the fabric is what I like most.

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