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A Walk Down Legging Lane

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Walk Down Legging Lane with Liva

You will be surprised to know that leggings weren’t always worn by women. Men were the first to embrace this trendy piece of clothing some centuries ago in a slightly different style though. Down the decades they gradually evolved into tights that men wore in the Renaissance period.

It was only in the 19th century that this latest trend in fashion found its way into the women’s clothing department.

Let’s have a look back in time and see these much-loved pants go through different fashion phases!

1. Early Appearance In Women’s Fashion

Audrey Hepburn, one of the fashion industry’s most loved stars, got everyone swooning over leggings back in the 1950’s. The pants she wore were not exactly the leggings we see in recent times though. They were slim-fit cropped pants. But for that day and age when wide-leg styles were all the rage, a pair like that turned out to be quite a head turner!

2. Rising Up To Become A Full-Blown Trend

Through the years, we got Lycra leggings that were instantly a hit in the fashion world. But in the 1970’s these pants took on a glittery twist! With the Charlie’s Angels TV series and Olivia Newton-John’s iconic outfit in Grease, glossy high-waist pants topped the style charts. And point to be noted – the colorful ones definitely stole the show!

3. Fused Into Workout Wardrobes

Madonna rocked leggings as part of her stage ensembles in the 1980’s. She would layer them under everything from miniskirts to dresses. And this was the time when leggings showed the first sign of a major crossover to the present day athleisure wardrobe. It was Jane Fonda, who donned leggings in her workout videos, which soon fueled the trend of wearing leggings as an aerobics ensemble.

4. Pushed To The Back Of Our Closets

The 1990’s saw a lull in the leggings trend as baggy pants sought centre stage. But they weren’t gone for too long. In the 2000’s, we saw them make a comeback! They reappeared as Capri versions worn under dresses and skirts. And gradually the full-length leggings were back in style ready to take on jeans and formal pants for women!

5. Back With A Bang!

It wasn’t until now that the humble pair of leggings received its due, thanks to celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner who helped make them an athleisure staple. The present day leggings converge effortlessly with street style. You could very well term them an AM to PM garment we’d practically want to live in!

Leggings have gone through different phases over the years. And time and again they’ve proven to be super comfy and stylish. If you’re looking for a versatile pair, pick one from the LIVA Fashion collection. A structured fit, oodles of comfort, and an organic fabric that won’t hurt your skin, you’ll need to feel it to believe it. And, there’s more – women’s shirts, printed stoles, and long sleeve tops to go with your choice of designer leggings. Start shopping now!

Image Courtesy : andarastars.com

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