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9 Chic Accessories That Make Travelling Fun

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Whoever said comfort and style don’t go hand in hand while travelling hasn’t read the following list. Accessorizing allows you to arrive in style, every time. Here we present the latest fashion trends in fun accessories, which reduce your travel hassles and let you unwind in style.

Foldable Shoes


Carry your various fashion styles with élan wearing a great pair of foldable shoes. Yes, you heard it right, they are foldable and a whole lot easier to pack. Many of them are customizable, wherein you can change the skins of the soles, the outer vamp and even the color of the straps. They help you transform from a day to night look with ease, and without the extra baggage.

Travel Document Holder


Pick from an array of designs and prints, a chic document holder that matches your creative tastes. It keeps your passports, tickets and other travel necessities safe and helps you organize them. The various colors help you make a fashion statement which is not otherwise possible with chunky, drab cases.

Mobile Phone Lenses


Shutterbugs will love to have this trendy toy – mobile lenses. Why restrict yourself to boring in-built camera when you can take Instagram-worthy photo with a fish eye lens? Phone lenses are available in varieties of macro, telephoto, micro, etc. and they help you capture your holiday fun with a dynamic twist.  Whether you use an iPhone or android, these lenses create exquisite imagery that you will love sharing. Plus, some are light enough to carry in your pocket!




Lugging around a giant bag on your trip is not fun, neither is a boring backpack. A chic handbag with spacious compartments is not only trendy but also frees you to enjoy your holidays. From vintage to edgy, handbags can complement latest fashion trends easily to lend a statement-making look. Choose a colorful tote to accessorize your trendy clothes or an embellished clutch to go with your party look.

Sand-less Beach Towel


Big fashion labels today also cater to beach wear, the versatile beach towel being one of them. They are designed in a way that sand does not stick to the cloth. No more messy sand particles in your beach bag or on your clothes. These clever towels come in attractive designs that stand out, and let you enjoy your time on the beach, effortlessly.

Trendy Emergency Kit

6Every traveler knows, emergency kits are a must while on trips. Move away from drab and bulky ones with fashionable emergency kits. They come with first-aid and cosmetic provisions but in a handy compact, packaging. The cases sport a colorful print or glamorous design that you would love to carry on your holiday.

Rechargeable Phone Battery



Cell phones certainly do make travel much easier. It is every traveler’s nightmare to hold a lifeless phone. Fear not, there are many trendy, super-stylish rechargers for you: choose the one that is compact yet gives your phone at least 9 hours of life. They come in various sizes and follow different fashion styles. From quirky comic characters, to uber-chic ones, these rechargers work brilliantly in addition to highlighting your unique style.

Noise Cancelling Headphones


Noise cancelling headphones are a must to block out the flight and travel disturbances. Headphones enhance the listening experience that you crave for on your travels and let you enjoy your own personal soundtrack. They are designed to match the latest fashion trends and are light enough to carry or wrap around your neck. These beauties are a fashion weapon for an uber-cool look.

Hair Accessories



Hair accessories can instantly transform your look and give it a refreshing twist, and they don’t take much space in your luggage! You can bling up your trendy clothes or go for a subdued look with hair ties, head bands and accessories. They come in varied colors, prints and finishes, and suit every kind of hair. Whether you are battling a bad hair day on your travels or keeping those flyaway in check, these hair accessories will help you stay chic.

Reinvent your fashion styles on the go with these accessories, and hold on close to those fun holiday moments.

Picture courtesy – pinimg.com, tedbaker.com, theeverygirl.com, pinimg.com, lagu.com, inapikle.com, pinterest.com, wehearit.com and media.allure.com

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