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7 Stages Of Dilemma You Face While Choosing The Perfect NYE Outfit

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Choosing a New Year’s Eve outfit that suits your style is next to impossible, and you’re right about to escape into oblivion considering the time and effort it takes to find one.

Does the mere thought of creating the mythical ‘prefect look’ give you shrieks? You might as well relate to these seven stages:

1. The Confused Stage


A closet full of fancy clothes, but then, what to wear? A sensual bodycon peeping from that side, the frills of a pretty LBD on the upper hanger, the oh-so-irresistible Peplum calling from the corners – aaaaaa!

2. The Color-Conflict Stage


What suits you best? The robust reds, bedazzling blues, evergreen blacks, or pretty pinks? Sigh, if only you knew! When you are lost comparing the shades of every single outfit you own, know that you are in the color conflict stage.

3. The Material Mishmash


After the color, comes the fabric. Delicate lace, warm velvet, or shiny georgette? Be prepared with a notebook for this stage, since every fabric has its own ups and downs.

4. The ‘Under The Weather’ Stage


The dreamy sight of your slender body carefully draped in a sensual robe, but yikes! The mercury reading outside is in single digits! Now you are left with two options, either be a shivering diva and lay flat with acute flu for the coming days, or throw on a jacket. But that’s so uncool!

5. The Matchmaking Stage


At this stage, you will learn that discovering America was probably easier than finding the right pair of shoes for the dress that you finally decide to wear.

6. The ‘Back-To-Square-One’ Stage


After you have advanced till the matchmaking stage, more often than not, you’ll come back to stage 1, i.e. a great deal of confusion. Owing to the acute lack of coordinated accessories, you’ll discard the look that you had decided and start from scratch (read – a pile of clothes).

7. The Opinionated Stage


You thought the outfit you finally picked was ‘red-carpet worthy’, but your girl-gang simply discards it, or worse, laughs it off. The result? Back to stage 1.

Spare yourself from the headache of this infinite loop. Find LIVA dresses online that come in a wide gamut of bright colors and flattering cuts to choose from. The soft yet structured fabric feels just like second skin to create a fluid fashion look.

Image Courtesy: theeverygirl.com, wisegeek.com, amazonaws.com

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