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6 Ways To Awaken You Inner Kid This Children’s Day

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As children, growing up was everyone’s most awaited dream. As Peter Pan puts it perfectly, “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap”.

Let’s cherish the uninhibited days of childhood on this 14th November. If you are so grown up that you have already forgotten why the day is special, it’s all the more reason for you to unwind and indulge in the Children’s Day with these six activities:

1. Get Out The Tasty Treats


Chocolates, Popsicle, Candies, and Cookies – magical things that can soothe a child in a wink since time immemorial. Ignore the frowning face of your gym instructor and forget the love handles, it is time to grab a treat.

2. Get Wasted (Not The Usual Way)


Explore the multiple other ways to get wasted apart from the usual things that you do over the course of the weekend (wink, wink). Finish a bowl of ice-cream, gorge on comfort food, get a room full of soft toys and the likes.

3. Treat Yourself


Let’s imagine adulthood as a second childhood with the additional gift – money. Yes, you now have the money to get all the jars of toffee and to buy half the toys in the store – something we’ve all dreamt of doing at some point in our lives.

4. Get Out In The Open


Leave the couch and play a game or three with the neighborhood kids on a sunny afternoon. Few hours of unlimited fun plus an excellent opportunity of working out – A win-win combination!

5. Catch Up On Some Sleep


Say goodbye to everything that keeps you awake at night and sleep as blissfully as a kid. Social media can wait, IMs can be answered tomorrow, unread mails can be checked later, and office issues should not travel home with you. Forget the adult world outside, say bye to your phone and re-read those bedtime tales to doze off.

6. Dress For The Occasion


What better way to indulge your inner child, than by dressing her up in fun clothes. Ditch the monotones for some fluid fashion in bright colors and quirky prints. This tasseled top from LIVA is a great way to get started.

While you’re busy awakening that inner child of yours, don’t let comfort take a backseat. Pick clothes made from LIVA for the perfect combination of flowing textures and chis silhouettes. The myriad of designs and bright colors available are sure to delight anyone, child or adult.

Image Courtesy: unsplash.com, rubertonphotography.com, huffpost.com, vajor.com

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