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6 Fashion Blunders By Bollywood Celebs

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The fashion industry in India has a very deep rooted connection with Bollywood. Wherein one side of the coin is that both the industries walk hand in hand and help each other grow their respective market value. But on the flip side, Bollywood celebrities being the most influential fashion endorsers, each of their public appearance is keenly observed and scrutinized by their followers. After all, to err is human and to pin-point the errors of celebrities is actually a part of Fashion policing! So, here are some fashion blunders our Bollywood divas have been captured with!Well, it’s not just the Bollywood divas, but rather a few fashion faux pas that need to be cautiously kept away by anyone following or experimenting with their styles and fancy appearances.

Wrapped in the boxy gift!


Although that lovely sea-green shade could attract numerous eyes in appreciation, that boxy fit of Kajol’s dress ruined it for her! She visibly seemed uncomfortable and ended up looking less of a diva and more of a beautifully wrapped gift!

Colour Your Style


We understand that Vidya cannot attend every event in gorgeous Sabyasaachi saris, but that doesn’t make her a less of a celebrity! She genuinely needs to put a little thought behind the apparel and colour combinations. This attire just made it obvious!

In-Pin Safety Pin


The ever gorgeously dressed Kareena Kapoor just missed out on a smallest bit this day. And ouch! That very pin must have pricked her quite bad! At least it did so to her fashion lovers.

Sheer Mistake


Sometimes your sheer apparel could just turn your stylish appearance into a ‘Sheer Mistake’! Just as it did to Alia. Don’t forget to check the sheer from all angles and under all lights and dark before you step out. You might want to cover up before you end up inviting unwanted attention!

Iron Lady?


Dressing up well is not just about your apparels. It really matters what accessories you use and even more, which footwear you choose.Had those gladiators not had the metallic look or at least if they were a little less glaring the eye, Sonakshi could have escaped this faux pas.

It’s a Made-up Blunder


You may have a very chic fashion sense but just adding up a heavier shade of puff or rouge might also spoil the whole ‘made-up game’. Had Sonam Kapoor too stuck to a little lighter version of herself and not overdone experimentation with her makeup, she could surely do away from the faux pas lists!

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