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5 Major Valentine’s Day Style Queries Answered and How!

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We will just be upfront with you: We love Valentine’s Day a tad bit more than any other occasion in the year and rightfully so! We understand that beauty and love come from within. So, this Valentine’s Day, we are declaring V-Day as a day dedicated to falling in love with yourself, so that you are and feel beautiful, inside out! Just like Liva fabric enhances the beauty of clothing making any outfit beautiful inside out.

As the new adage goes: If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.

Nothing gets our hearts racing like browsing endlessly through dresses for Valentine’s Day dinner or to pamper ourselves. However, to some, the looming question of “what to wear for Valentine’s day” is borderline tasking. So, take out your notepads and pay attention because we are going to solve 5 major V-Day fashion dilemmas and tackle them all, stylishly.


Add a pop of colour to your life


For those wondering  – Should I filter my online shopping options to just the colour red or is it time to step out and do my own thing? This V-Day, add a pop of colour to your life!



Red surely is a colour largely associated with the day; however, it has gone from cute to cliche this year. While shopping for Valentine’s day dresses in 2020, break the predictability and opt for colours like pinks, lavenders, and maroon hues. Actually, we take that back. This V-Day, choose to wear ‘your’ happy colour; as long as you love it on yourself, we love it on you!


Rediscover your style of expression 


I have a big dinner date with my girls tonight. Should I bring out my Little Black Dress? Again?



The Little Black Dress is a great option for most occasions but Valentine’s day is all about expressing that love, especially to yourself. Our suggestion is to give the LBD a skip this year and go all-out glam in a sequin gown like a Diva instead. Looking for something subtle? Opt for a pair of crisp white pants with a statement top that will keep heads turning all night.


Find your own vibe


My ex used to love me wearing a short skirt. I’m over it! I’m going to do me. What are the more modest options out there?



You go, girl! There is something so sensual and understated about showing just enough skin. While we love a short skirt, what we love more is a woman who doesn’t try too hard. Fancy midi dresses that hit right around your calves and only expose your slender ankles are extremely elegant. If nothing works, then a maxi dress is completely fool-proof. Team the dress with a pair of heels to keep it from being frumpy and channelling the goddess that you are.


Go with your inner glow


What type of makeup would work for Valentine’s Day? A smokey eye? Red lips? Shimmer eyeshadow?


Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash


This year, less is more. While the men love us all dolled up, time to take a step back and do what you are comfortable with. Maintain a great skincare routine so that the glow on the day is naturally achieved. Opt for simple dewy makeup with glossy eyelids, a dose of blush and natural lip colours. If you have evening plans, then swap the light lip tints for a bold red lip. That’s it!


Go natural and flow effortlessly from day to night


How can I look elegant in heels yet not spend the rest of the night rubbing the bunions on my feet?



Do it as the Parisians do it: skip the heels altogether, especially if you’re headed outdoors. Instead of fussing over an aching foot, spend your time on making most of the day. Opt for comfortable yet stylish flats that will take you from day to night effortlessly. Your loved one would be delighted to see you enjoying yourself instead of nursing that aching foot. Besides, if the occasion demands heels, then a pair of insoles or shoe liners can do the trick.

Now that we have tackled these common dilemmas surrounding dressing up for V-Day, all we need is a bouquet of roses and that big box of chocolates we plan on ordering for ourselves! It’s time to fall in love with yourself! Because when you are beautiful inside, you are beautiful outside.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day, ladies!

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