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5 Fluid Ways To Find Your ‘Me Time’

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Feeling mechanical lately? Relax, you’re not alone. The mounting pressure of meeting work deadlines leaves one with no social life to go back to, let alone find time for themselves. In today’s day and age, finding ‘me time’ is important precisely for that reason. While moving from task to task in a fluid fashion is great, it leaves little time for your own self, sending you into a rut which you can’t get out from. To combat that, it’s important that you carve a slice out of the day just to rejuvenate. After all, it’s said that the most important relationship in your life that you need to focus on is the one you have with yourself.

That said, if you’re one of those women who’re bogged down by everyday affairs, leaving little to no time for yourself, perhaps the following tweaks in your lifestyle will nudge you in the right direction:

Make Yourself A Priority


The first step to stealing a few personal moments of respite from the world is to acknowledge the fact that you deserve it. You are not just your work and responsibilities, you deserve a healthy, happy lifestyle just like everybody else. Don’t feel guilty about those few minutes spent browsing through your favorite fashion trends. Prioritize yourself and make it a resolve to dedicate a part of your day to just pampering yourself.

Listen To Your Favorite Music On Your Way To Work


If you drive your own car, great! If you commute to work via public transport, it’s no problem too. The key is to simply plug in your headphones, and set the tone for the day through music. Listening to your favorite songs while going to work is a great way to energize yourself and lighten up your mood so you can tackle the challenges of the day in a fluid fashion.

Make Little Moments Matter


So what if you’ve got just fifteen minutes to spare in between tasks? Stop wondering “what can I achieve in so little time?”, and think about how you can best utilize them. It could be anything – a few crunches to better those abs, fixing a quick midday snack, or a quick look at what’s in fashion. These little moments, when added up, make a huge difference on your psyche.

De-Clutter Your Day


Evaluate the things that are wasting your time! From buying groceries everyday instead of stocking up your kitchen at once, to getting distracted by the latest fashion online, there are a lot of things that take up an unnecessary amount of time. If you’ve been carrying out certain activities for longer than you planned to, it’s only natural for you to struggle with finding those precious moments of bliss.

Learn To Say “No”


Not interested in hanging out with colleagues after work? Say no instantly. Want to go shopping for trendy clothes instead of cooking? It’s okay to order in or eat out! Things that bring you no satisfaction or joy need to go away from your life, to make way for more valuable things. The sooner you learn to stand up for yourself and turn down unnecessary requests, the easier it will be for you to take out time to do things that you like.

So go ahead and give it a shot. You’ll be amazed to see the difference these little things make in your overall happiness.

Picture courtesy – doctoroz.com, mirror.co.uk, shutterstock.com, maybusch.com and aurbataokuch.com

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