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5 Eco-Friendly Fabrics That Are Good For The Environment And Your Skin

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The fashion industry has joined hands to combat detrimental effects to the environment, thus making way for the rise of eco fashion.

Now it’s up to us, as consumers, to help bring this trend to the forefront by investing in eco friendly clothing. We would be playing our part in helping the environment by doing what we love, shopping!

Wondering how? By using recyclable, organic and natural clothing that promote the practices of sustainability.

Here are five eco-friendly fabrics that are trending, with a tag of earthy goodness attached to them.

1. Bamboo


When you see bamboo, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a raft. But bamboo has found its way into the fashion world and is used to create trendy, eco friendly dresses. The plant grows very fast and the major benefit to the environment is that it doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers.

2. Soy


Soybean hulls are the by-product of extraction of oil from the seeds and are used to make sustainable clothing. It absorbs dyes quickly, and is easy to wash and maintain. This fabric is believed to have certain UV-resistant qualities, making it suitable for summertime.

3. Organic Cotton


What separates organic cotton from simply ‘cotton’ is the absence of synthetic pesticides during the process of cultivation. The former is a product of natural farming, making it less harmful for the environment. Organic cotton is also one of the most sought after fabrics by sustainable fashion brands.

4. Hemp


Hemp is the most durable of all natural fibers. It is a fast growing crop with minimum requirement of pesticides. Also, hemp adds rich organic matter and renews the soil with each cycle. Fabric made from hemp is lightweight and sweat-absorbent, making it ideal for hot weather conditions.

5. Fiber Cellulose


Cellulose fiber is extracted from plant-based materials. This fabric is used by organic clothing brands in India to promote eco friendly fashion. You will find plenty of eco friendly dresses, pants, kurtas, and other garments made from LIVA, which is cellulose fibre in its purest form. The fabric is soft, flowy and ensures all-day comfort.

Let’s put eco fashion on the map by updating our fashion collection with eco friendly clothing! Make your wardrobe greener with LIVA tops, dresses, kurtas and trousers. To know more about what is cellulose fiber and recycled fashion, click here.

Image Courtesy : heddels.com, medicalmarijuanainc.com, thebreastcaresite.com, salpimenta.com

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