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4 Mantra’s From The Fashion Diary Of Christian Dior

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“By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.”

-Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Having been an early associate under Mr. Robert Piguet, Christian Dior, the man who churned a revolution in fashion, believed in simplicity as a weapon. From Piguet, he learnt to infuse it with elegance.

Born in Normandy, France, in 1905, Christian was a man of art, even though his family wanted him to be a diplomat. He forayed into the world of fashion in 1947. He possessed widely acclaimed knowledge and an instinctive ability to decide each intricate aesthetic of a new fashion trend.

With such a critical eye for detail secured with an indulgence for spontaneity, Dior revolutionized the fashion scene at his time and beyond. Dior’s fearless adventures with fluid fashion have always made terrific displays of inspiring works of fashion.

Take a page out of the fashion diary of the man who created history in fashion with his ‘cut above the rest’ fashion styles. Here, we bring to you the top four mantras straight out of our fashion diaries on Christian Dior.


Christian Dior 2

At a time when his contemporaries feared adhering to traditional notions and drifted into pangs of modernization, Dior stuck to his roots. He believed in clothing made of the best fabric, often handpicked by him.

He kept in mind the age-old image of women being attractive and voluptuous. He would accentuate the hips and the upper part of the body in almost all his designs.  One of his most famous tips to his team was to see the female body as a great work of architecture: be aware of its curves, be fluent of its tastes, adore it, and flaunt it.


Christian Dior 3

Through his classy haute couture wear, he developed the importance of foresight in fashion trends. He emphasized on the fact that people looked at the way you dress and that it should go beyond what is your current situation. It should determine what you are aspiring to be. His bloated skirts were an example of this insight as it presented the woman as a striking personality.


Christian Dior 4

Christian set revolutionary examples with his innovative fashion trends that were unique and exploratory. He played around with fabulous works of art and embedded the expertise of creative artists in his works – neither underplay, nor overplay.

Men can play it neutral with blue and charcoal black to stand out amongst the rich and influential. Women can stick to teals and cobalt blue or pastel shades to signify grace and power. He represented fluid fashion as a pioneer of comfort and a structured flow significant in all his dresses.


Christian Dior 5

Each work of his is an awe-striking delight and the best fashion blogs always keep an eye on his successor’s decisions. The brand has evolved amongst reputed fashion labels over the years and has seen great changes in leadership.

Beaded floral vintage prints with pastels galore, fine tailored suits for men and a collection of perfumes that define your personality, Dior has always been a dominant player balancing between the traditional and the new trends in fashion. Across all the creations of this brand, quality has stayed consistent, and it is what differentiates it from the rest.

Picture courtesy – businessoffashion.com, theredlist.com, thepopcorndotnet.files.wordpress.com, bgfashion.net, pinimg.com

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