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10 Things You Think While In A Trial Room

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Trial room conversations with oneself are a real thing.

Yes people, it is. Now hopefully, this gives you enough relief to move on. After all, now you’re not the only one who talks or behaves weirdly in a trial room!

But what are these conversations anyway?

Read on to find out what crosses every woman’s mind when it’s trial time in the changing stalls. And you may even go ‘Me too’!

1. Curtains


“Are you kidding me? They have curtains and not doors. What if it opens or someone opens it?” We’ve all thought of this when we go to trial rooms. A show of hands if it’s a yes!

2. Appearance


“Why am I looking fat? These trial room mirrors make me look fat.” Or, “Just look at my dark circles.” We can barely keep from complaining when it’s us against the mirror! Can we?

3. Pooo


“Tumhe koi haq nai banta ki tum itni sundar lago. Not fair” Sounds familiar? We’ve all imagined ourselves as Poo from the high-octane Bollywood drama ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’. You’d probably agree that the urge to enact the movie’s introduction scene in the trial room is irresistible.

4. Style Over Comfort


“I need to get into this long-sleeve top no matter what!” “I can’t breathe, ugh”. Yet, you’ll take fastening that zip till the end as a challenge you need to win!

5. Selfies


“But let me take a selfie”! That customary selfie with a pout in the trial room is great for keepsakes or even to get that second opinion on that low-cut LBD!

6. Playing Stylist


“Drop that buttoned skirt and go for that sheath dress instead” How many times have we resisted the urge to solve someone’s dilemma and unleash our inner stylist? We sense a few nods of approval.

7. Asking For Help


“Excuse me could you get me the crop top and skirt this girl is trying on”. Remember the time when you stealthily asked the assistant to get the latest party wear top that you’d seen someone else trying on? In such cases, we don’t mind being a bit unabashed, do we?

8. Touching Up


“Oh no! My lipstick is totally ruined after eating that sandwich!” When this thought crosses your mind, you’re equally thankful since you realise you’re at the trial room and have the mirror all to yourself!

9. Modeling


“I look gorgeous, don’t I?” Sprinkling a few ramp moves and poses definitely has you thinking this way, don’t you agree?

10. Waxing


“Ahhhhh! Just look at my hands and legs, I need to go to the salon pronto.” Visits to trial rooms have often been our real eye-openers, don’t you think?

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Image Courtesy: autostraddle.com, buzzfeed.com, amazonaws.com, tumblr.com, whatstrending.com, pinimg.com, rediff.com

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