Look Vibrantly Fluid With Fashionable Tops From LIVA

Looking fashionable shouldn’t be a task or even a chore, it should reflect in your personality. A personality that god gifted you, is to mesmerize the world with your internal ethnicity and your external style. Well, fashion comes handy in looking stylish and it’s up to you to flaunt your fashion.

Flaunting a smart casual look is made easier for you with fashionable tops that make people wonder, “What’s she wearing?” “I want to look just like her.”

You’re young, chic and desirable so why not be an idol of fashion for your contemporaries?

There are so many inventive and gorgeous ways to look smart and casual today, fashionable tops being on top of the stylish list. So every time you dress up and look your stylish best, you should make heads turn and make them ask others around you sometimes indirectly sometimes outright out of curiosity as to “what’s she wearing?” “She looks like an absolute diva! Girls, one thing is for sure, DIY fashion tops are trending.

Fashionable tops hit the no 1 spot when carrying off smart casual looks. From the polo neck to the halter neck there are so many options to blow your and other’s minds!

Tunics make hot fashion trends when it comes to appeasing your fashion appetite. A smart white tunic can transform your look from boring and mundane to classic and chic. 

Do you want to know what’s in fashion? Here’s a fashion trade secret - Sleeveless T-shirts make for daily fashion tips for your followers as they have so much to look up to. They are so precise and immaculate in their own way for setting a fashion statement.

You could wear Polo neck T-shirts to work pairing them with hipsters and you would look hotter than Jennifer Lopez. They are not only designed to look casual but they are designed to look formal at the same time. They give you an aura of a grown up but one who hasn’t given up on looking like a fashionista everyday of her life.

What do your DIY fashion blogs teach you anyway? Aren’t they all about making use of what’s rotting in your closet to turn it into the latest fashion trend? That’s exactly what a fashion mind thinks too and that’s you. After reading this article you should sort all your old T-shirts and wear them with your new pants, capris or skirts. For it is classic and it will never go out of fashion girls. Keep that in mind.

If you want to invest in new T-shits then invest your money on velvet trends 2016! Buy some velvet material from the stores nearest to you and tailor make your own fashionable tops to let men drool all over you in college.

Being fashionable should be a pass time game for those who aspire to have a Kangana Ranaut fashion sense. It’s so easy to be like her and dress like her. All you need to do is respect your individuality and dress in what makes you happy. Make it your priority to dress in smart casual T-shirts for a full proof fashionista outcome. 

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