5 Latest Fashion Trends With LIVA Shirts And T-shirts

Your search for the latest fashion blogs in 2016 ends here with this exclusive blog on the fashion diary season that’s the epitome of the evolution of fashion trends 2016. There are so many hidden secrets in this blog on fashion, it will make you crave to read and discover more after you’ve got the latest DIY fashion tips.

These fashion tips are revealed for a fabulous you because you deserve to know.

Fashion is the best kept secret with all stylists and its high time you turn into one if you’re not one already. This blog should most definitely inspire you to put your most fashionable foot forward at parties, events, social do’s, dinners, in college and at work. Everywhere you go you should have heads turn to take a more meaningful look at you and your fashion sense. Use these DIY fashion tips to impress almost anyone you wish to.

Fashion is a coveted art but this blog will make it easier for you to immerse yourself in what the latest fashion trends are.

White & Black Block Regular Fit Top From LIVA

Always have a casual smart T-shirt like a Black LIVA top in your wardrobe and always pair it with a pair of pastel hot pants. The entire ensemble looks so intricately put together. It shows off your fashion etiquette at a formal dinner. You can opt to have a high up-do for your hair to complete this ensemble.

Liva T Shirt T

Printed White & Red Regular Fit Top From LIVA

If not completely red, go for a red and white regular printed top to team with sky blue denims at the movies with your friends. It looks smart and casual at the same time. Try draping a plain stole on it and wear a matching sling bag to complete the look of the special movie outfit secret .Your boyfriend may even beg you for a movie marathon the next time.

Liva T Shirt 1

Blue Printed Regular Fit Top From LIVA

Don’t ever again wonder why wear you should wear palazzo pants, because they are here to stay. They look appealing to the eye and give you that SOBO image you craved for up until now. Pair it with a crop shirt like the one shown below and look custom made for a night out. The entire outfit will make you look like you have spent hours planning your themed dress up but in fact, it only took you a couple of minutes to deck up.

Liva T Shirt 3

Sea Green & Orange LIVA Printed Slim Fit Top

Now we reveal the printed short top secret. Always wear something comfortable on your bottom while planning a printed top. You want to wear it with either palazzos or then loose denims to give it a “oh I don’t care look”. Wear it to college or work on an ordinary day and be the most popular face thereafter.

Liva T Shirt 4

Blue & Black LIVA Polka Dot Print Top

Every girl and woman by rule should have a polka dotted tunic in her wardrobe. It’s a fashion must have. It’s one of those styles that never goes out of fashion and makes you stand out every time. Wear it to a meeting or a class lecture and be sure to grab eyeballs for being decently but fashionably dressed.

Liva T Shirt 5


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