5 Feisty LIVA Tops That Resonate With Latest Clothing Trends

Wondering what top to wear to college or for work? Wondering what are the hot fashion trends that you can make the most of? Or are you wondering what the latest corporate attire for ladies is? Wonder not, because LIVA has you covered with the latest Bollywood fashion trends!

With LIVA’s latest collection of desirable tops, you don’t have to crease your mind on what’s in fashion. You can simply choose from an array of offerings created just for you so that you look your delectable best.

There’s been an evolution of fashion trends in the recent past. Be it Sonam Kapoor fashion trends or DIY fashion tops or trends inspired from a girl next door just like you, LIVA fashion is here to your rescue.

Here are five LIVA tops that you must have, that not only change the way you look at corporate dressing but also make you feel more confident, youthful and full of love at work, college and social gatherings.

White LIVA Printed Regular Fit Crop Top

Crops tops have been high on trend for quite some time now. A regular printed and sleeved crop fit top paired with high waist denims would steal plenty of hearts around you. For all you know you may even feature in a blog or two. They are smart looking and can be worn to work as well.

Liva Top 2

Multicolour LIVA Printed Regular Fit Top

Multi colour is the way to go when you’re planning an outing to a club or an event or even for casual dinner after work. They have this sense of making you look smart, bold and confident. Try pairing multicoloured shirt cum tops with white pants and sober heels with a simple classic watch and let your hair down to look absolutely ravishing. Don’t forget to not put makeup but just a dash of lipstick to give you that fashionable edge.

Blue Slim Fit LIVA Top

Sleeveless tops look Oh so sexy and chic. They spell out your personality and at the same time give you that carefree look that’s perfect for a Sunday outing. Pair that adorable sleeveless top with a pair of shorts or capris with pastel coloured sneakers to give you that irresistible tom boy look. Attractive is the word.

Liva Top 1

Red LIVA Printed Regular Fit Top

A red LIVA printed regular top can be flaunted at college events and simple movie dates. You can pair them with a pair of fitted jeggings to outdo your fashion capability. It’s got that sporty edge that will make you look like a level headed teenager or a mature adult.

White LIVA Printed Regular Fit Crop Top

If you are on the slightly lighter side and like to show off your amazing figure then sleeveless crop tops can do wonders to transform your look. Pair it with a blazer to work or simply wear it on a casual date and you would kill with your mesmerising look

Liva Top p

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