5 Trendy LIVA Sarees To Enhance Your Monsoon Fashion Trends

You don’t have to worry about how to wear different types of sarees anymore. There’s an array of office wear saree collections, office wear saree blouse designs and tips on accessories to wear with sarees along with different style of wearing sarees in this monsoon special saree blog for daily office wear sarees.

It’s the latest craze to wear sarees at work on different and special occasions. You can go all creative on how to wear them in different styles with tips from this blog.

Sarees make a woman look incredible and it reflects her personality & fashion diary. From lunches to dinner to parties, sarees are made for an Indian woman to flaunt the bright ethnology. Sarees are eternal, wonderfully fashionable and always trendy.

Sarees impress your inner goddess more than anyone else around you and it makes the entire world look as pretty as you are with the bright colours flowing off you.

Sarees, when worn in monsoon, have the potential to make you feel like Sridevi from Chandni and that outfit wants to make you celebrate life in all its simplicity and also its flamboyance.

Monsoon demands you be comfortable in what you wear and this comfort comes from wearing what is closest to home. You can enhance your saree look by pairing it with western blouses to give you that literati feel that many of us want to feel like.

The free - flowing garment held delicately by you makes you the dream Indian woman that you are meant to look like.

Liva Saree 1

Everyone should have a black saree in their clothes cabinet. A dream come true outfit for corporate dinners, they make your scintillating figure stand out in all its intricacies. Pair it with simple diamond earrings and a bracelet and you are sure to look amazing.

Liva Saree 2

This beige embroidered saree is fit for all your social and CSR project meetings in office. It makes you look caring and ardent. Pair it with a full sleeved blouse and look your monsoon best. As the borders have designs on them, you don’t want to go accessories heavy on this one. A simple watch will do the trick.

Liva Saree 3

This passion green fully worked net sari is perfect to grab eyeballs at musical events and birthdays if you like to grab all the attention in the room onto you. It would make you look desirable, spirited with oneness for yourself to spread light and joy around you.


Liva Saree 4

The pastel grey sari with the black and pink border looks delectable. Think about wearing it to a brunch at a five star with your client. Pair it with a chunky bangle and knot your hair for the comfortable classy look that you can pull off with ease.

Liva Saree 5

The last but not the least on the saree must haves for monsoon is the red printed viscose indo-western saree that if made for you, would work wonders to transform your look. It’s got that grudge look about it and it’s perfect to wear at social do’s.

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