5 LIVA Shorts That Compliment The Latest Fashion Trend

High waist shorts are the latest fashion trends in 2016. They look classy and chic and if you can carry them off then your style matches Jacqueline Fernandez’ dressing style. With the monsoon at its peak, fashion trends demand shorts as the new black and Bollywood fashion trends agree too.

So what’s keeping you from being your trendy best? Perhaps matching tops on them. Well DIY fashion tops can ease your stress on that. But nothing should stop you from vaunting on what are the latest fashion trends – Shorts are a monsoon must have.

When it’s raining cats and dogs and there is water everywhere, it doesn’t make sense to wear full-length bottoms. Instead, opt for rain friendly clothing to look your stylish best and be one with the monsoon to enjoy them to the fullest. Wear the compliments, not the monsoon muck.

Rains are a time to flaunt your beautiful legs legally. Shorts can help you with that. The thing about wearing shorts is that they prevent you from being soaked in the rains. They look remarkable when worn right with the right accessories and sneakers or even simple flats to give it that indo-western look.

Liva short t

High waist army shorts look good to wear to college pairing them with a simple white T-shirt. Tuck the T-shirt in and wear it with classic sport shoes and bag with a high ponytail to give you that sporty look. You can even wear these shorts for a trek and be at your comfortable best.

Liva short 1

High waist denim shorts look dressy when paired with a classic black sleeveless T-shirt or even shirt. Look at the picture of the girl dressed in your dream outfit. Match boots or high heels with this kind of runway outfit to look smashing at a party or a concert.

Liva short 3

Leather shorts are not so common but they beat all fashion trends if worn right. These demand that you have a slim figure though. That shouldn’t be too difficult if you gym and exercise regularly. If you do have a natural body type for these shorts then don’t waste a minute thinking if leather shorts will look good on you or not. They will without a doubt. Pair them with a full sleeved shirt to complete that scintillating leather look.

Liva short 4

White shorts are a classic pick and they look elegant. Pair them with a black crop top and a leather sling bag and you’re good to kill with your look. Add a delicate chain and leave your hair open to create that bewitching appearance. It’s a casual yet formal style statement that never goes out of fashion. It is a win-win pick.


Liva short 5

High waist shorts look good on all body types. You even have stretchable ones for slightly heavier body types. Black and white is the fashion must-have in your closet. Pair them with shorts or fitted T-shirts and look good in them. They are a safe bet for any social outing. 

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