LIVA Tunics & Kurtis: A Breezy By-line To Your Fluid Fashion Statement

Let’s ask you something. Do the words plush, pretty, phenomenal mean anything to you? Would you like them to blend together, along with tidbits of chic design and classy prints strewed about here and there? If the answer to that is yes, then go all out with trendy clothes from LIVA. Allow us to pen that breezy byline to your already exceptional fluid fashion statement.

LIVA dresses gleefully boost of the material that they are made of. Have you ever felt a fabric that melts in between your fingers like liquid silver? Feel it as it flows over you in one easy, fluid move.  Feel it like a slight breeze as it brushes past your skin. The warmth, the comfort, the sheen, the shine, the style, the tenderness is nothing like anything you have felt before on the inside of a dress.  That’s what LIVA brings to you coddled in its charismatic compilation of Kurtis and Tunics. It brings to you the marvel of a collection that will filch your heart at the first glimpse and melt it like butter, down to its last morsel.

Global Desi Women White LIVA Printed Regular Fit Tunic

You can never fail to make your point with the color white. Clothe yourself in one of those white kurtis, one that is tastefully smitten with bizarre patterns. Team it with a pair of contrast pants and wedges to fine tune your look with what’s in fashion. Or maybe you are one of those off-track types. In that case, go for the multicolor, printed regular fit tunic; one that cheerfully be-dazzles every shade of your personality. You could dip your flair in the incredible orange or the invincible blue, either way, to dish out the finishing touch to your look; you could pair your particolored tunic with leggings and a slip-on for a fun day out with your friends. Oh yes! Do remember to blush to the right extent, with all the compliments hailing your way.

Shree Women Multicolor LIVA Printed Regular Fit TunicShree Women Multicolor LIVA Printed Regular Fit Tunic

Dressing up isn’t only about looking good. It’s about looking different from the popular humdrum of the regular trend. It’s about making your mark, setting your territory; it’s about bringing out all those complex shades of your personality one at a time. It’s about rising up to the occasion and blazing the trail with ardor and passion and style. So dress up your persona with LIVA fashion. Explore new fashion trends with our colossal collection of kurtis and tunics and be the new, smart, fun, glittering you, every day. 

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