Be Trendy With 5 Designer Leggings From LIVA

One of the best things about being a woman at the present day and age is that you get to bask in the warmth, comfort and the fluid fashion of wearing leggings. As easy as they may seem, they have always ratted it out at the heart of controversies. If you are a plus-sized woman, are leggings still an option for you? Do they reveal too much or too less? Are they pants or tights? Honestly, do we care? Leggings make you look smart and casual, and they are incredibly awesome just the way they are.  

Here’s a thing that you need to know about designer leggings from LIVA. They are designed with the same zeal, ardor, and panache with which you put them on.  Whatever the shape of your legs, we will have just the shade for you.

Here are 5 overwhelmingly impressive ways to pep up your fashion trends with designer leggings from LIVA.

Liva Leggings 1

Gold-toned LIVA leggings with a pecan brown kurta:  A not-so-common combination for a slightly uncommon diva. Not everyone falls for the jazzy shades and the dazzling hues. Some prefer to be a little away from the spotlight and on the other side of the crowd. This is not to say that they don’t draw their fair share of attention, in fact, they draw it all the more. If you are one such, slightly off-beat woman, this combination is tailor-made for you. To try out a variation, you could reach out for a chocolate brown long top too. 

abof Women Orange LIVA Slim Fit Leggings

Dare the daring orange with a caring white - Not just a coin but also a character has two sides. It’s your multifarious nature that makes you an interesting read. Now flaunt the dilemma at the depths of your being with the shades that you wear. Combine dazzling LIVA leggings with a mild white printed kurta. To add that extra oomph, go for a pair of slim hoop earrings.

abof Women Purple LIVA Slim Fit Leggings

Wear Wine- Purple with Blue stripes: Got a quirky bone in the body? Fill up your fashion dairies with your adorable, outlandish style statement and wear it out, soberly aloud.  Combine a wine-purple designer legging with a sleeveless white top with blue stripes. Strap on a strappy bag, a pair of heels, and there you go. Enjoy your fun day out with friends.

abof Women Pink LIVA Cropped Slim Fit Leggings

Combine hot pink with a printed tunic: Didn’t know that he was going to bring his friends over? Now you have to dress up at top-speed. Understandably, it's quite natural for you to grab whatever is at hand, but we caution you to choose wisely. Just grab something as hot as hot pink LIVA leggings and throw a printed tunic on it.

abof Women Red LIVA Cropped Slim Fit Leggings

When in confusion, do you see red? That is because you are that smart. Who can ever go wrong with red? For quick classroom attire, top your red LIVA leggings with a floral tunic. Add some chunky metallic accessories and a sling bag to complete the loop.

So, there you go! Be the LIVA Diva. Rule the hot fashion trends with designer LIVA leggings!

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