Be The LIVA Diva With Comfortable Pants

“Define style”, she demanded. “Clothes that accentuate your outlines, sleek pointed heels and stunning make-up”, replied her twin self.  She sat down, her head in her hands, desperation written all over that pretty face. She lamely wondered how gleeful the world would be where comfort, simplicity, elegance and style were all happily married together.

She wasn’t the only one who fretted over the dilemma of style over comfort. There were many like her.  In their sheer desperation, they digged the comfy pants out of its grave and resurrected it with panache. The palazzos from the 70s and the harem pants from the 90s, the protagonists of the story, emerged as pioneers in the latest fashion trends. The motto was wear whatever lends you a much coveted smart and casual look. The movement became a rage among the teenagers, the college goers, the fashion-forward shoppers, and fashion revolutionaries.

 Eager to hear the final outcome? This is what the current scenario looks like.

Today, we have Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities endorsing them. Take the case of the glamorous, fashionable, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, the wife of George Clooney, who was seen flaunting a loose fitting grey and black checkered harem pant in Berlin, earlier this year. She wasn’t the first to kiss a cordial welcome to this fashion specimen from the 90s. There’s the gorgeous Dakota Jonson who was spotted pairing her white off-shoulder top with a pair of high-waisted, black harem pants.

As far as the Bollywood fashion trends are concerned, the kudos goes to Kareena Kapoor for making the harem pants popular with her chic, contemporary look in Jab We Met. The surest way of scoring with a harem pant is to team it with a T-shirt, the way Kareena did in the movie. 

As far as the palazzos are concerned, you could do it like Anushka Sharma. Just pair a white printed palazzo with a black tank top and throw in a brown belt to keep things chic.

 10 Super Cool Ways To Wear Palazzo Pants

Want to jazz things up a little to bring out your inner flamboyance? Here is a trend that you can easily pull. Pair a sleek navy blue palazzo with a blue stripped full sleeve T-shirt.  Do it as the ‘Dabangg’ girl, Sonakshi Sinha does it.

Sonakshi Sinha

For a slightly more formal and curtailed look, go desi. Try a long flowing kurta with your palazzo. Whoever said that opposites attract, wasn’t talking about the kurta with palazzo combination. Though both of them are long and free flowing, they perfectly complement each other.

Take a quick look at how these divas do it in style!


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