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Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Fabric

100% natural. 100% manmade.

This eco-friendly biodegradable fibre is made from high quality wood pulp, a renewable natural resource. It has all the advantages of an engineered fibre with its high degree of uniformity, consistent quality, high purity, optimal linear density and staple length.

Liva Crème Fluid Fasshion

A Technical Marvel

The superior physical properties of LIVA Crème such as Tenacity, Elongation and Wet Modulus make fabrics last longer with an enduring look and feel.

Liva Crème Absorbent Fabric

The Absorbent One

LIVA Crème absorbs moisture faster than Cotton. Even after repeated washes, it remains flexible and absorbent.

Colourful and Lustrous

Colourful and Lustrous

LIVA Crème helps colours to stay bright and true. This is because of its ability to take up colours uniformly, deeply and fast.

Soft and Bouncy

Soft and Bouncy

When blended with LIVA Crème, fabrics become truly pleasant to touch, playful and comfortable to wear.

The Stable Fit

The Stable Fit

Textiles made from LIVA Crème display high dimensional stability for both low shrinkage and unrecoverable extension. All thanks to the advanced morphological structure of LIVA Crème.

Liva Crème Fresh One

The Fresh One

Have you ever wished that your clothes would remain as fresh as the time when you bought it? Well, blend a fabric with LIVA Crème and see the result for yourself.

Liva Crème Finest One

The Finest One

With the titer of 0.9D, pure forms and blends, superfine counts are now a reality.

This means, clothes are light, superfine, absorbent, soft and bouncy.

Liva Crème Fabric

Blends Beautifully

LIVA Crème is a perfect blend for Cotton, Wool, Synthetics, Elastane and Silk.

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